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Entry-Exit Requirements - Immigration and Customs:
  • All international flights must go directly to the International ramp, exit right on Rwy 10, South of runway, terminal located alongside the tower.
  • Aeropuerto de Caracas has fully staffed facilities at the International Terminal where you can easily complete customs and immigration procedures. After clearing immigration and customs, aircraft and passengers may move to any other location in the airport or summit a flight plan for a national (domestic) flight. Verify with tower requirements for written flight plan.

  • Working hours and fees are established and charged by custom government authorities and are posted at the International Terminal. For off-hours use of immigration and customs you must contact the airport's Operations Department 24 hours in advance of scheduled arrival or departure. Please verify with Operations Dept. for updated off-hours fees.

  • General Declarations: Five copies are required for entry and five for exit, one copy stamped by immigration is to be kept by pilot. ICAO flight plan is required for departure.

  • Passport: Required, and it must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay.

  • Visa or tourist cards are required for passengers and crew that will be entering Venezuela, depending on the nationality of the passport. Please check for Visa requirements before coming to Venezuela. Tourist Cards can be obtained at immigration upon arrival, and are for non-extendable stay up to 90 days. It's possible to obtain from immigration officials a special authorization for a passenger whose nationality requires Visa, but for justifiable and verifiable reasons has to enter the country. This is a 72-hour special permit and is issued at the airport, only with the authorization of immigration officials of the main offices in Caracas.

  • Additional Requirements for Minors: In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments, including Venezuela's, have initiated procedures at entry/exit points. These often include requiring documentary evidence of the relationship and permission for the child's travel from the parent(s) or legal guardian not present. All authorizations from parents, legal guardianship, or proof of death of parents must be notarized. Venezuelan law requires having such documentation on hand. If only one of the parents is traveling with the minor, he must have permission from the other

  • Customs: Incoming Aircraft and luggage may be subject to inspection by customs officials and/or National Guard at the International Terminal. Luggage and/or merchandise should be taken to customs area for inspection. Pilot or a member of the crew should accompany and collaborate with the customs official upon the inspection of the aircraft and luggage. Each passenger may bring as part of their luggage new merchandise not intended for commercial purposes. If such merchandise is valued for less than US$1000 there are no customs tariffs applicable. If the declared value of merchandise is above US$1000 a tariff of 1% + 15%, for the amount over the established minimum, is applicable. Venezuelan customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation or export from Venezuela of items such as plant and animal products, firearms, medications, archaeological or "cultural heritage" items, and pirated copies of copyrighted items. It is advisable to contact the Embassy of Venezuela or consulates for specific information regarding customs requirements.

  • Aircraft entry requirements: Privately owned aircraft entering Venezuela for pleasure or tourism purposes do not require prior permission. Corporate aircraft, if company owned and carrying company personnel, do not require prior permission. Non-scheduled commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft carrying cargo, chartered aircraft, or any type of aircraft entering Venezuelan airspace for commercial purposes must obtain prior permission from the government's Dirección de Transporte Aéreo. Please contact Aeropuerto de Caracas Operations Department for orientation.

  • Departing International Flights: All passengers and crew must have passport with entry stamp to Venezuela.

  • Exit Tax: Passenger and crew must pay to SENIAT Internal Revenues officials an Exit Tax of Bs.F. 29,4 per person. Passengers that enter the country with Tourist Card and stay for less than 30 days do not have to pay Exit Tax. Diplomatic passports are exempt from this Tax. Exit Tax shown is the current amount posted; tax amount may change in accordance with Tributary Unit value; please contact Operations Department for updated information.

Landing-Parking fees:
  • Parking: is provided at theTerminal Building ramp. Please contact airport's Operations Department for daily, weekly and monthly fees, based on airplane category and use. Hangar rental is possible but limited to availability (call or E-mail for information).

  • Landing Fees: Are based on the aircraft weight; please call or E-mail for updated rates.

Fuel Service:
  • Available at the International Ramp supplied by fuel truck. Call PDVSA before arrival or departure, or VHF to "Caracas Ground" at 121.7 MHz upon arrival.

    Fuel service Tel: Administration [58] (239) 225-8869; Operations [58] (239) 224-0355; Fuel Island [58] (239) 514-5002, ext. 220; fax: [58] (239) 225-1343. In case of emergency call: [58] (414) 249-5528.

Ground Transportation:
  • Taxis available at Terminal Building. Car Rental services information in Directory of Fixed Base Operators.

Ground and Air Distances:
  • The airport is located 45 minutes from the city of Caracas.
  • See the following table of air distances to Aeropuerto de Caracas from all mayor airports in Venezuela and the continent.

Airport Iden. Distance (NM) Airport name
Maiquetía SVMI 21.6 Simón Bolívar Intl.
Margarita SVMG 172.2 Gen. Santiago Mariño Del Caribe Intl.
Maracaibo SVMC 290.3 La Chinita Intl.
Barcelona SVBC 126.1 Jose Antonio Anzoategui Intl.
Valencia SVVA 66.6 Arturo Michelena Intl.
Maturín SVMT 218 Maturín Intl.
Paraguana SVJC 215.7 Josefa Camejo Intl.
Táchira SVSA 364.1 San Antonio Del Táchira Intl.
Merida SVMD 276.7 Alberto Carnevalli
Rio De Janeiro SBGL 2421.1 Rio De Janeiro Intl.
Belem SBBE 1299.8 Val De Caes Intl.
Recife SBRF 2202.1 Guararapes Intl.
Manaus SBMN 896.1 Ponta pelada
Brasilia SBBR 1929.4 Brasilia Intl.
Bogota SKBO 549.6 Eldorado Intle
Cali SKCL 698.7 Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl.
Barranquilla SKBQ 471.4 Ernesto Cortissoz
Cucuta SKCC 366.1 Camilo Daza Intl.
Quito SEQU 936.5 Mariscal Sucre Intl.
Latacunga SELT 973.5 Cotopaxi Intl.
Guayaquil SEGU 1080.3 Simon Bolivar Intl.
Pisco SPSO 1546.7 Pisco Intl.
Lima SPIM 1472.5 Jorge Chávez Intl.
Panama City MPTO 746.9 Tocumen Intl.
  MPBO 914.3 Bocas Del Toro Intl.
David MPDA 931.6 Enrique Malek Intl.
Costa Rica      
Golfito MRGF 973.6 Golfito Intl.
Limon MRLM 957.5 Limón Intl.
  MROC 1027.5 Juan Santa María Intl.
San Pedro Sula MHLM 1272.2 La Mesa Intl.
Tegucigalpa MHTG 1217.3 Toncontín Intl.
El Salvador      
  MSSS 1324.2 Llopango Intl.
  MSLP 1319.2 El Salvador Intl
Belice City MZBZ Philip S W Goldson Intl.
Flores MGFL 1400.5 Santa Elena Intl.
Guatemala City MGGT 1412.2 La Aurora Intl.
Mexico City MMMX 1945.6 Benito Juares Intl.
Cancún MMUN 1324.5 Cancún Intl.
Cozumel MMCZ 1313.4 Cozumel Intl.
Curazao TNCC 170 Hoto Intl.
Trinidad TTPP 323 Piarco Intl.
Tobago TTCP 355.9 Crow Point Intl.
St George's TGPY 313.2 Point Salines Intl.
Airport Iden. Distance Airport name
Barbados TBPB 461.7 Brigedown Adams Intl.
  TFFR 473.3 Le Raizet
Saint Martin      
Philipsburg TNCM 512.4 Princess Juliana Intl.
Puerto Rico      
San Juan TJSJ 491.3 Luís Muñoz Marín Intl.
Republica Dominicana      
Barahona MDBH 539.3 María Montez Intl.
Santiago City MDST 595 Cibao Intl.
Santo Domingo MDHE 523.9 Herrera Intl.
Habana MUHA 1174.6 José Martí Intl.
  MUCU 780.7 Antonio Maceu Intl.
  MUVR 1134.4 Varadero Intl.
  MKJP 739.3 Norman Manley Intl.
  MKJS 811.2 Sangster Intl.
Miami MKIA 1204.7 Miami Intl.
Orlando KORL 1366.2 Executive
Dallas KDFW 2149.1 Dallas-Ft Worth Intl.
New Orleans      
  KMSY 1764.8 New Orlean Intl.

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